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5 Great Ways to Keep Truckers Safe in the Age of Covid

There is no doubt that the last couple of years have been extremely challenging with the onset of Covid-19 sweeping our country, and the world. No matter what you might think about how society reacted to this virus, it is out there and has caused many people significant health problems.

As a truck driver, it is vitally important that you remain as healthy as possible. As you travel down the road, let’s take a look at some common sense strategies that will help you avoid a bout with the dreaded Covid-19 illness.

Practice Good Hygiene

It’s amazing how effective something as simple as regularly washing your hands can be in minimizing your exposure to the Covid virus. In addition, as you go through your day, do your best to not touch your eyes or nose to avoid any germs on your hands from getting you sick.

Keep a large bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer with you in the cab and use it each time you climb back in. Also, be mindful of others and if you have to sneeze or cough, do it in the elbow area of your clothing. This will help prevent any potential germs from flying into the air.

Limit Your Time in Public Spaces

Truck drivers often visit public places that are quite busy, such as truck stops, restaurants, and loading docks. Do your best to keep a reasonable amount of distance between you and other people as a precaution. This will help avoid catching Covid from someone who has the illness and may not even be aware of it.

Keep a Quality Face Mask with You

Even though the use of face masks has been a controversial issue in the past couple of years, it’s a good idea to have one with you in case you are in a situation that calls for it. Experts say that the blue surgical masks that you see everywhere are not very effective, so if you are going to carry some with you, get a few of the N95 masks that can help block out Covid germs. Having some masks handy is much better than needing one and going without.

Know Where to Get Tested or Carry Test Kits with You

If you suspect that you might have Covid, it’s very important that you get tested. During the past 2 years, thousands of Covid testing facilities have opened up around the country. If you can’t make it to a testing facility, purchase some home kits to carry with you in the truck.

Use Common Sense

Having common sense is one of the most important aspects of being a successful truck driver. When it comes to Covid, use your best judgement to determine if any encounters you have with other people could put you at risk for being infected.

We all have to live our lives and get the job done out on the road each day. By taking reasonable precautions to stay healthy, you will not only be protecting your own well-being, but also that of your loved ones too.

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