Be Your Own Boss

Ready to be Your Own Boss?

Tired of Working for Someone Else?

If you are a truck owner, we know that you just didn’t get there overnight. It takes years of blood, sweat and tears to get to the point where you can own your own rig. Now that you have a truck, isn’t it time to be your own boss and reap all of the benefits of being a trucking company owner.

Owner Operator Freight Broker Services

When you are ready to take this exciting step in your career, RoadEX can be the wind beneath your wings. Here are the support services we can offer you as an independent trucker.

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  • LLC Creation for your Business
  • Get your MC/DOT Numbers
  • Setting up a Safety Coordinator
  • Navigation through Regulations
  • Help with Permits
  • Securing Insurance
  • Setting up a Safety Coordinator
  • Help Getting a Fuel Card
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 Online Portal Access

At RoadEx, we believe that there is enough BS in the trucking business already. That is why we promise you transparent pricing, no hidden fees and honest, straightforward dealings. All this and we’ll throw in insane customer service at no charge!

Your Dedicated Partner!

We are truly your One Stop Solution to getting on the road to financial freedom! Are you ready to take your career to a new level? RoadEx is ready to help you succeed!

Let’s talk. One call to 607-TRUCKER does it all!