Q: Where are your fuel cards accepted?
A: Our EFS fuel cards are accepted at all major fueling stations.

Q: What fees are there with the fuel card program?
A: RoadEx charges absolutely NO fee whatsoever.

Q: How much is the weekly line of credit?
A: We extend sufficient credit based on your fleet size and needs.

Q: What discounts are available on the fuel card?
A: We offer guaranteed discounts of 20 cents per gallon but this may go up by bundling our other services.

Q: Do you offer Money Codes
A: Yes! We offer Money Codes for lumpers and small repairs for those clients in good standing.

Q: Does your fuel card program have tire discounts?
A: Yes we do! Our tire discount program averages $40 off per tire through the Gold Program.

Q: When do I get my discounts?
A: Your discounts are issued via a monthly credit memo on the 1st of each month and automatically deducted from your next fuel invoice.

Q. Do you offer credit checks?
A. Yes, our online portal offers 24/7 credit checks at no cost.

Q. How fast will I get my money?
A. We have both same day and next day funding, if you submit your invoices by 2PM Eastern time.

Q. What fees do you charge?
A. We do not charge any additional fees, monthly minimums or crazy invoice fees! We have a flat rate charge that is based on your volume.

Q. Do I need to factor all of my loads?
A. No you can decide which loads to factor with us and which you would like to collect on your own!

Q. Do I have to create an invoice for every load?
A. No! With our online portal, you can simply submit your rate confirmation and bill of lading and we will automatically generate an invoice for you!

Q. Why Should I Factor?
A. Factoring helps improve your cash-flow, instead of waiting 30-60 days to get paid directly from a broker, you can have the money in your account the next day. Factoring also is helpful because it helps alleviate a lot of accounting work, we would do all of the necessary paperwork and collections for you!

Q: What type of Equipment do you dispatch?
A: We currently dispatch 53” Dry Vans and Reefers.

Q: What parts of the country do you send the truck to?
A: Our experienced dispatch team has experience with routes in all 48 States, we have pre-designed weekly plans to earn as much revenue as possible. However, the beauty of Roadex Dispatch is that you are the boss, we work for you! You are able to tell us where you would like the trucks to go and we will accommodate.

Q: What kind of rates does Roadex get?
A: Roadex is always at least 15% above market average, we also have a good amount of dedicated contract freight that we can get on your truck!

Q: Do I have to fill out my own paperwork and communicate with brokers?
A: With Roadex Dispatch you will never have to fill out another carrier packet or provide broker updates again! With our 24/7 team, we are always available by phone to take all broker phone calls and we fill out all paperwork associated with your loads!

Q: Do you have forced dispatch?
A. We do not have forced dispatch, you can approve or decline any load that we offer you.

Q. Do I need to use your service exclusively?
A. No you can always book your own loads and use us when you need us.

Q. Is there any contract?
A. There is no contract, commitment or credit checks. It is pay as you go.

Q. What kind of insurance do you offer?
A. We offer all commercial transportation related insurance, from NTL, to cargo, general liability, primary auto liability and workers compensation.

Q. What markets do you serve?
A. We currently service over 30 States, call us today for a quote!

Q. Do I need to have 2 years of trucking experience?
A. No! Some of our markets allow drivers with no experience at all.

Q. Can you get me insurance so that I can haul for Amazon?
A. Yes we have extensive experience in meeting Amazon’s insurance requirements.

Q. Do you restrict how much I can grow?
A. No! Some of our insurance carriers allow for unlimited growth.

Q. How do I request insurance certificates?
A. You can either email your request or use our online portal and get them any time of day!

Q. Will I have my own dedicated agent?
A. Yes you will have an agent assigned to your account.

Q. Can I hire out-of-state drivers?
A. Yes we have markets who allow you to hire drivers from any state!