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Top Toll Tips for Truck Drivers

Many of us find ourselves thinking about the cost of time and money when considering whether to take toll roads. As a truck driver, this is a decision with significance, as delivery delays can seriously impact your business.

Here we explore toll roads to avoid, and how you can reduce costs and claim back your toll payments.

Where are the Most Expensive Toll Roads in the USA?

Identifying the most expensive toll roads in America can help you work around these routes where possible. Tollsmart highlights the following top three toll roads to keep in mind:

1. Baltimore to New York City

It may be no surprise that the journey from Baltimore to the Big Apple incurs the highest toll charges of all. At around $1 per mile, you may end up paying between $200-250 in tolls for this 210-mile journey, depending on which route you take.

2. Chicago to New York City

Another route to NYC comes in at the second most costly for truck drivers. At 826 miles, this is an extensive trip with high toll costs. A cost of $0.53 per mile equates to a total of over $439.75.

3. Chicago to Atlantic City

Two more big cities with an 821-mile journey between them come in at third place. At an average of $0.49 per mile, your total toll cost will come in at $401.85. Look for an alternative route if you need to complete this journey – it’s possible to save considerably without adding excessive time to your schedule.

Bookmark this page of toll tips for easy reference when planning your next long-haul journey.

Toll Road FAQs for Truck Drivers

Understandably, many new drivers have questions about tolls. Read below to learn why tolls will not in the end have a significant impact on your income.

Do Owner-Operator Truck Drivers Cover the Cost of Tolls Themselves?

Yes, owner-operator truck drivers do cover the cost of tolls themselves even when carrying a shipment. This is the case to and from all destinations. However, they can claim it back.

Can Truck Drivers Claim Back the Cost of Tolls on their Tax Returns?

Yes, anyone that uses toll roads for work can claim back the cost on their annual tax return. This applies to those that must commute, attend meetings, and owner-operator truck drivers.

Don’t forget to keep a record of every toll you pay while driving for work, to ensure an easy tax-return process, and full compensation for the tolls you pay throughout the year.

Can a Transponder Save Truck Drivers Money on Tolls?

Yes, if you regularly use toll roads, a transponder can help you reduce costs. It may even bring down the cost of the most expensive toll roads noted above. Having a transponder at the ready can also make paying tolls more efficient. Don’t forget, you can also save money by paying for your transponder yearly, rather than monthly.

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