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RoadEx on the Road, Insider Perspective: A Trip to the Texas Trucking Show 2023

I recently attended the Texas Trucking Show in Houston, Texas on behalf of RoadEx, and came away inspired by the innovation and energy at the show and even more enthusiastic about the ways that RoadEx is meeting the evolving needs of today’s drivers.

The show, which took place at Houston’s NRG Center on Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th, was a well-attended affair. While this isn’t the industry’s largest event, it was a packed house—and the buzz on the floor is a testament to the enthusiasm that’s evident from both the brands and businesses with booths and the drivers and other industry professionals who were in attendance. There were a large number of manufacturers and Texas-owned parts providers—which is to be expected at a regional trade show focused on connecting suppliers and trucking companies—but it was also great to see representatives from at least six factoring outfits and multiple banks also participating in the show.

A key part of my role at RoadEx is to foster connections with the Hispanic/Latin trucking community, events like the Texas Trucking Show are a valuable opportunity to engage with professionals from across the industry. Developing those meaningful connections and building those relationships is not only a great way for us to continue to learn about the evolving needs of this fast-growing industry, but to lay the groundwork for potential opportunities to work together in the future. I had so many productive and interesting conversations with dispatchers and authority companies for Hispanic/Latin carriers—and several of those conversations have continued after the show. It’s all part of our ongoing mission to continue supporting truckers reflective of the diversity in the industry, and making sure we are having meaningful conversations that will enable RoadEx to be proactive about supporting their needs in the future.

Speaking of which, the tone and tenor of the conversations I was a part of at the show makes it clear that there’s a consistent emphasis from drivers, suppliers, and trucking companies on finding ways to navigate the financial pressures and structural challenges they are facing today. One of the most common topics of discussion is the impact of rising interest rates and fuel prices. Drivers and small and independent owner-operators are clearly feeling the pinch and are looking to save everywhere and anywhere they can, including in dispatch services. I think it’s one of the reasons why programs like RoadEx’s EFS fuel cards are an appealing option for so many.

Of course, the EFS fuel cards are just one of the many products and services RoadEx offers to support drivers and operators. The comprehensive scale and scope of our offerings truly makes RoadEx a one-stop-shop—something that sets us apart from other providers in our space. The Texas Trucking Show was a lot like the industry itself in many ways, in the sense that there are so many vendors and companies trying to offer multiple services but ultimately failing to give drivers everything they need. My hope and expectation is that RoadEx will continue to cut through the noise and that growing numbers of trucking professionals will benefit from our holistic offerings. We offer everything truckers need to achieve financial and professional independence: from fuel cards and factoring, tags and licensing, dispatch and insurance needs, legal and contract reviews, to maintenance, financing, and even helping them to establish a new company. And because RoadEx was conceived and built for truckers—by truckers and every member of the RoadEx team has had firsthand industry experience behind the wheel, our clients and partners recognize the empathy and deep understanding of the needs of truckers that we bring to the table. RoadEx already supports more than 3,000 independent and small fleet truckers, providing them with fair, honest and equitable services and helping them grow their businesses and maximize their cash flow and profitability. I’m excited to continue to connect with industry professionals at events like this and to help more industry professionals make their dreams a reality.