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3 Ways Owner Operator Support is Helping Truckers Conquer the Supply Chain Crisis

Challenges continue to arise in the new year for the logistics and transportation industries, largely due to the supply chain disruption. Severe impacts on the trucking industry have depleted the resources of companies that were not prepared and bottlenecks are now occurring outside of major shipping connections around the world. The need for efficient and effective supply chain trucking solutions has never been greater.

Is There a Shortage of Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers play a critical role in the supply chain functioning correctly, but a lack of support, coupled with pandemic-related issues, and the ability to keep up with demand has led to a global driver shortage. There is an estimated record shortage of more than 80,000 drivers with projections that the number could double by 2030 with thousands of retirements looming.

Because of the shortage, which existed to a lesser extent before the pandemic, the U.S. Government has moved to have many major ports and private companies operating 24/7 in an attempt to sort out challenges caused by the supply chain backup. President Joe Biden has even contemplated deploying the National Guard to assist with the trucker shortage, though it is not in active consideration.

Owner Operator Trucking with Independent Support

With the truck driver shortage heavily impacting the supply chain, new and existing truck drivers become even more valuable. Now is the time to join or transition in the industry to an independent operator trucker with assistance from the no-nonsense team at RoadEx.

Here are three reasons why owner operator truckers will thrive now and after the supply chain crisis has subsided:

1. Owner Operator Truckers Set Their Own Terms

Let’s be honest, you don’t need the BS from backward companies hassling you about issues outside of your control. The driver shortage is the perfect time for owner operators to make a difference in the industry while resetting the rules to make their own schedules and approve their individual terms.

You will be valued for your contributions and can be your own boss. A partner like RoadEx will help you with the fine print, such as setting up an LLC, navigating regulations and permits, and getting MC/DOT numbers. We provide transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and honesty, every step of the way.

2. You Receive Incentives and Actual Working Solutions, Not Red Tape

It’s really as simple as this: when you remove the constant overhead and micromanagement, providing a support system for truckers becomes a whole lot easier. Because of our ability to earn 15% higher than the industry average, RoadEx can pass on discounts and benefits to the truckers in our community (yep, even during the supply chain crisis). They include:

  • EFS Fuel Cards – with major discounts on diesel, a weekly line of credit, tire discounts, no fees, pay-as-you-go terms, and referral bonuses.
  • Invoice Factoring – that is actually reliable and reputable, including same-day funding, automated invoice creation, an account management partner, 24/7 access to broker credit checks and an online portal, and more.
  • Freight Dispatch Services – from load booking to tracking and tracing, breakdown assistance, free legal aid, and other incentives.
  • Insurance– like zero down, zero deductible insurance that is always here for you, from commercial auto liability to motor truck cargo, excess/umbrella, and more.

3. Independent Operator Trucking Support Partners Have Allies

No matter how the big companies make out after the supply chain crisis, a partner like RoadEx will always have your back. Forget about constant mergers and depletion of services. We have lasting relationships with our affiliates who assist with the intricacies of safety and compliance, fleet management, and so much more.

Additionally, we will continue to uphold an alliance with you as a part of the RoadEx family. Through business solutions, as well as a motto to always give back through our initiatives, we proudly have a sense of community that traditional trucking companies will never be able to offer.

Partner with RoadEx

Ready to go into business for yourself and come out better on the other side of the supply chain crisis? Create your partnership with RoadEx today. We are the one-stop solution for owner operator trucking support in the industry. It’s time to show the world your value and earn better business in your trucking career. Contact us today to get started.

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