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15 Nutritious Gas Station Snacks for Truckers Out on the Road

Traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles away from home can be difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for meals while out on the road. For truckers, it’s not always easy to stop, so snacks are often a big part of their diets. Fortunately, there are a number of tasty and healthy gas station snacks for truck drivers to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at 11 healthy snacks found at most gas stations so you can pack your truck with amazing goodies for the long haul.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are great options. Usually, you can find at least a few items like bananas, carrots, celery, apples, and oranges that are perfect for eating on the go. They will also provide key nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy.

2. Jerky

There are many different kinds of jerky, although, beef jerky is one of the most popular. This protein-filled snack is a classic choice for truck drivers. For a healthier modern alternative, try turkey jerky!

3. Nuts

As a general rule, nuts with low sodium that are high in fiber and have healthy fats are the best to choose. Try natural almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts, walnuts, or hazelnuts

4. Greek yogurt

You’ll want to pack the cooler if you’re selecting Greek yogurt from the gas station, but this is a healthy snack. However, be cautious about which fruit flavor varieties you choose as many can be high in sugar.

5. Cheese

Here is another snack that will require on-the-go cooling. Cheeses provide necessary calcium and protein that support a healthy diet. String cheese is one of the best easy to handle cheeses while in transit! Go for low-fat cheeses for the best nutritional value.

6. Peanut butter

Mmmmm! There is nothing quite like peanut butter for a favorite snack. Many varieties come in snack packs and can be paired with apples, carrots, celery, or other snack options.

7. Chips

One of the best gas station foods to find almost anywhere, chips are a classic go-to snack for truck drivers. This snack can be quite salty, so it’s best to stick with healthy chip options such as veggie chips, baked chips, non-salted chips, and others with reduced fat and minimal additives.

8. Smoothies

Fill your cupholder with a healthy fruit or vegetable smoothie made at the gas station. You can even add tasty yogurts or protein powders for superb flavor.

9. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are crunchy fiber-filled plant-based snacks that have outstanding flavor. These may not be at every gas station, but if you find them, they are well worth the choice!

10. Meal/protein bars

Gas stations across the country provide various snack bars that are made as meal supplements, as well as filled with protein and fiber. Try your favorite flavor and even select bars that have fruits, nuts, or dark chocolate coating.

11. Coffee

A gas station staple, coffee is always a popular choice for truckers who want a warm cup of joe to travel with. There is always debate about the health benefits and non-benefits of coffee but it is the perfect boost for a hard day or night on the road.

Honorable mentions

As truck drivers, we know that there are plenty of snacks and foods at gas stations that aren’t quite as healthy but are delicious. It’s ok to splurge on a few of these gas station favorites!

  • Pizza
  • Ice cream bars
  • Mini-pretzel
  • Hot chocolate

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